Energy Four Ewe – The future of Wind Farms in sensitive locations

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Hundreds of wind harnessing “sheep” set to secure the green energy solution for Lake District National Park

This innovative solution to energy production has been invented by an Uncle and Nephew team, Tim and Ben Berry, both of Windermere. 

They were looking for a green energy solution for Low Wood Bay Resort, on the shores of Windermere, but are not fans of typical wind farms and the obvious planning constraints.

This solution is a fully working prototype Eco-Sheep named Shirley. When operational the four legs of the sheep move in the wind producing a small amount of power which when multiplied through hundreds of other Eco-Sheep will create a considerable amount of renewable energy.

Shirley with the other sheep in the field
Shirley with the other sheep in the field

Commenting on the invention Tim Berry said “We first thought of approaching local universities but then decided to progress the vision ourselves and developed Shirley on site. We can’t wait to have more built; it’s so simple and could be the future of energy production.”

Ben Berry is a local Councillor and says “it’s the perfect solution for Planning Authorities worried about Wind Farms”. He went on to say:

“This innovative solution ticks every box. Looking at the fell from the Lake you would see nothing but sheep, plus the real sheep absolutely love Shirley and its safe for them and humans to be around each other. I’m really excited about this investment paying off for future generations.”

We are aiming to have one hundred sheep installed on the site at Low Wood Bay by 1st April 2014.

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