Sam Say … Easter Holiday Treats

Sam the dog is our children’s club mascot, and he has taken a few minutes out of his busy schedule to write to all our Easter holiday little guests…

sam-homeAre you ready for some eggcitement , well let’s get cracking shell we ? Ok, that’s it no more yolks.!!!

Where to start?! One of my favourite activities has to be The Easter Egg Eggstravaganza on Saturday 30th March at 1 pm, organised by The Low Wood Bay Leisure Club. We set off on our Easter Egg Hunt – the walk to my favourite woody spot is impressive, but let’s keep focused , its the eggs we are after!!  Lots and lots and lots of red and blue painted eggs have been hidden. But that’s not all …  there is also a golden egg waiting to be found. 

Lots of yummy Easter eggs
Lots of yummy Easter eggs

Once all the eggs have been collected we head back across the fellside to the Low Wood Club where the egg count begins. Chocolatey prizes are then awarded – I always get the one for the biggest paws and furriest ears. The fun just keeps going because ‘Splash Time’ follows which means getting soaked under the rain curtain, clambering onto inflatables and for my really cute little friends, enjoying the fountains in the baby pool. Ahh !!

For my young friends staying at Lancaster House and Low Wood Bay, I hope you won’t be too eggsausted discovering all those eggs which have been hidden especially for you to find. Please keep a look out for where and when they are taking place, or ask one of our eggstremely helpful reception team. So what else is happening? Well a ‘craft experience’ has been organised for you this Easter. At Lancaster House there is colouring , painting, cake and egg decorating and even ‘Name The Teddy’ competition. Sounds eggcellent fun!  Guess what you will be creating in the Low Wood Bay craft room? That’s right – eggstreme art!  Have a go at scratch art eggs, daffodil windmills and Pom Pom bug tails to name a few.

Well it’s time for me to go now but before I go and dip my paw in the Lake, I just want to remind you that there will be details of all the fun activities we have planned for you at the hotel reception. I am looking forward to seeing you and I hope you enjoy my ‘Sams goody bag’ and SAM SAYS “HAVE A SPEGGTACULAR TIME WITH US”.

Must paws now  …Sam x Paw

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