And You Thought Zumba on Dry Land Was A Challange…

Aqua Zumba

Kick-start a healthy new you and make a splash with the hottest new fitness craze, Aqua Zumba.

Our qualified Aqua Zumba trainer, Gemma Sargent, is looking forward to introducing the latest Latin-dance inspired fitness craze, which she describes as “the pool party from Zumba”, to Sandpiper Club members.

Gemma who is a fitness fan in both her professional and personal life is a semi-professional cyclist has recently been signed for a pro-team. She teaches a range of classes at both English Lakes Leisure Clubs including Boxercise, Spinning and Body Conditioning. Speaking of her Aqua Zumba qualification she revealed: “I do a lot of fitness routines in work and I enjoy competitive sport outside of work, but Aqua Zumba is by far my favourite as it incorporates cardio and body conditioning exercise with so much fun”.

Aqua Zuma Exercises
Exercise can be up to 14 times more intensive in water

Gemma differentiates Aqua Zumba from traditional Zumba: “the moves and music are designed to be water-based and are slower than traditional land-based Zumba which can be high-intensity and high-volume”, however “the health benefits are fantastic as exercising in water is proven to provide 12 to 14 times the resistance of exercising on land”, so simple moves like dancing, twisting and high kicks are more challenging. As well as enjoying yourself and having tremendous fun, in a 45 minute session participants can burn up to 500 calories.

Gemma reports that the craze appealed to her, and will appeal to you, not only due to its vast health benefits but since it combined traditional exercising with “so much fun”. Also since the “grooving” is done under water it enables people to lose their inhibitions and take pleasure focusing on their exercising, without the fear of being self-conscious or sweating.

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