Some Like it Hot, Some Like it Cold – Chill Swim this Weekend!

To be honest, I prefer toasting my toes in front of a roaring fire, but there are those with a passion for all things cold.

Another World Record
‘The Iceman’ Breaks Another World Record

Last Saturday Wim Hoff, aka ‘The Iceman’ broke his own record by standing engulfed in 1,550 lbs of ice for an hour and 12 minutes! He also holds the world record for the longest swim whilst holding one’s breath under ice (188 feet, 6 inches).

For those of you who have a culinary interest in ‘cold’, the fastest time to make one gallon of slushie using a home made slushie machine currently stands at 3 minutes, 9.5 seconds. And if you ever have to rescue hot dogs from icy water using only your feet (what’s that about!), Hannah Mansour currently holds the record – 30 hot dogs from a bucket of ice water in only 54.64 seconds!

And right on our doorstep, some of our home grown talent is preparing to dive into the icy deep of Lake Windermere to take part in the very first Big Chill event on Saturday, 2nd February at Low Wood Bay.  Flying the flag for English Lakes is a team consisting of brothers Ben and Elliot Berry and their cousin Emily Berry along with Tim Bell, Manager of Lancaster House Hotel – be assured I’ll be cheering you on from a warm distance! Of course, there is always the warming celebratory meal and barn dance at Low Wood Bay Resort to look forward to on Saturday evening.


Based in the Lake District, ChillSwim Director, Colin Hill was technical Operations Manager for the Olympic Games marathon swimming, London 2012. He continues to share his passion for open water swimming by organising events worldwide in outdoor swimming, wild swimming and open water swimming.  “There is a long tradition of cold water swim races and we feel that the uplifting experience of winter swimming is something that should be experienced by everyone. The Big Chill Swim has something for both veteran cold water swimmers and those that are new to the sport.  Choose between breaststroke and freestyle races, or for the very brave and experienced, the endurance swim. Whichever event you choose, you will experience the camaraderie of cold water swimming, and can truly say that you have taken part in something on the wild side this year.”

And just time for one last statistic – Patrick Bertoletti managed to eat 1.75 gallons of ice cream in 8 minutes – now that’s an ice competition I could get involved in!!

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