My New Hobby: Whisky Club at The Wild Boar

The Inn prides itself on stocking over 50 varieties of Whisky

My father, who recently retired, was looking for a hobby for this time of year when the weather makes playing golf a little more difficult. That was when I suggested another famous Scottish creation …whisky, and where better to begin our new pastime than at The Wild Boar Whisky Club.

There was a time when I didn’t much like the taste of whisky but that was probably because, as an ale drinker, I didn’t appreciated the huge variety of whisky available. Having recently attended two whisky clubs at The Wild Boar my point of view has been transformed.

Matt and his Dad at The Wild Boar
Matt and his Dad at The Wild Boar

The first club we attended was in November where Penny Ellis, who as a director of ‘The Spirit of Speyside Whisky Festival’ and author of ‘Distinguished Distilleries’, was well placed to share her knowledge on three different Speyside whiskys. Learning a little of the history and background of each variety gives the whole experience a little more individuality.

Manager Andy Lemm
Manager Andy Lemm

In December the hotel’s General Manager, Andy Lemm, hosted the evening and introduced us to three very different whiskys from the Edradour, Tomatin & Linkwood distilleries. Finally to complete the night Andy generously provided a sample from his personal collection. This was a Balvenie Portwood, Aged 21 years; “a marriage of rare Balvenie which is transferred to port casks which previously held fine port wines”. This was a wonderful example for the group to taste and Andy’s willingness to share this epitomised the goodwill feel of the whole evening.

Then what better way to complete the night than with a meal in the restaurant, finished off with a glass of whisky personally chosen from the vast selection on offer from the bar. With a growing knowledge of the subject a much more informed choice can be made as to which particular whisky is best suited for each occasion.

If at the moment you don’t feel you appreciate or enjoy whisky I suggest you to attend a Whisky Club at The Wild Boar. As, like me, once you have been you are likely to ask yourself why you waited so long to give it a try.


Guest post written by Matt Wilkinson, Group Chief Accountant at English Lakes.

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