A Walk on the Wild Side (Part 2)

Work Every Muscle!

This is the second part of ‘A Walk on the Wild Side’ Read part 1 here.

We couldn’t walk through the woods without having a go on the Wild Boar gym trail, eight exercise stations designed to provide an all-body workout for residents or diners at the Grill and Smokehouse restaurant.  For less focused individual, the parallel bars, ladder walk, balance beam and other apparatus can provide some fun and a friendly challenge. Perfect for building up an appetite!

Not for the faint hearted!
A helping hand is always a bonus!
What better place to exercise than looking over the Wild Boar tarn!
Perhaps it would be wise to sit between these two!

If the exertion is all too much, there’s a whole series of organic and sculptural seating at positions to take advantage of views through the woods and along the Gilpin Valley. The latest striking edition is features owls either end designed and produced by a local artist.

Recently the Wild Boar team have partnered with Woodmatters to offer family bushcraft days and beginners bowl and spoon carving days. These are people passionate about the outdoors and conservation and happy to share their knowledge about the landscape, lighting fires without matches, shelter design and construction and cooking lunch on the campfire. The wood carving courses come with a warning that it’s addictive!

A stunning view

I always thought that the Wild Boar woods were a pleasant addition to the Inn. After my little journey of discovery through the woods I conclude that it’s so much more in its own right. Not for me, however, spending the night in a makeshift shelter. I’d much rather contemplate the merits of our hunter gatherer past from one of the Inn’s comfy armchairs in front of the roaring fire with a glass of Merlot in my hand!

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