“Bring Me Sunshine” with daughter of Eric Morecambe

Maria doing an “Eric Morecambe”

This story is written by Maria Walker, Reservations Manager at English Lakes Hotels.

Whilst taking a booking from Mrs. Stuart I established that the purpose of her stay was to officially open the RSPB – “Eric Morecambe Hide” at Leighton Moss nature reserve. I was intrigued… who is Mrs. Stuart? Surly the RSPB would not ask any Tom, Dick or Harry to officially open something? Not wanting to sound nosey or cheeky I tentatively asked was she affiliated with the RSPB or Eric Morecambe. It was then I found out that Mrs. Gail Stuart was Eric Morecambe’s Daughter.

Having been brought up watching this comic genius (it’s not Christmas to me until I’ve watched an Eric and Ernie special) talking to Eric Morecambe’s Daughter made me feel very nostalgic and proud in an odd way to be booking her room.

I wanted to start asking her questions there and then: Was your Dad as funny at home as he portrayed himself on TV? Was he a strict Father? Where you always laughing at him? How did you feel as a child growing up in my and many others option being the daughter of one of best comedians of all time? With all of this rushing through my head and at the same time I was trying to sound professional and not like a stalker with an obsession!!

After confirming all of Mrs. Stuart’s details I explained that we had a company +1 magazine and asked if she had time before opening the hide would she give us a minute of her time to do a short interview. She was very kind and said she would, this was arranged.

Saturday 27th October at 10.00am: “Bring Me Sunshine” A meeting with daughter of  Eric Morecambe.

The Des O'Conner Fan Club
The Des O’Conner Fan Club

I met Mrs. Stuart with Tina Taylor our +1 manager in the foyer of The Midland. I could see this lady walking towards me and knew that that she was Gail Stuart; she really has a resemblance of her dad. We had arrived earlier to set up a room to do the filming, It looked as if we knew what we were doing!!! We had radio microphones, lighting and everything! I explained this might look as if we know what we are doing but we really didn’t. We sat and just talked she was very open and it was lovely the way Mrs Stuart spoke about her father, take a look at the video to see the interview, and a very funny unprompted twist of comedy at the end.

I would just like to say a big thank you to Gail for her time and to Bob More for making me laugh and bringing sunshine to my Saturday!

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  1. your dad, granddad and nan would be very proud of you gail, great interview maria and bob made me smile, as for the man himself, a legeng and a national treasure, and most of all, a funny funny man.

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