The Olympic Torch in the Lakes District & North Lancashire

The Olympic torch arrived in Cumbria this morning and it is currently on route down from Carlisle to Bowness-on-Windermere.

Over the next two days the torch will pass though the Lake District and North Lancashire and on its way it will pass 4 of our 6 properties in Ambleside, Windermere, Morecambe and Lancaster where you will find us lining the streets cheering it on.

Below is the list of approximate times and locations the Olympic Torch Relay is scheduled to visit over the next two days.

18:18 – 21st July, Ambleside

The torch will board a steamer outside the 4 Star Waterhead Boutique Hotel.
  • 18:23 Rydal Road (A591)
  • 18:28 Lake Road (A591)
  • 18:32 Wansfell Road
  • 18:34 Borrans Road (A5095)
  • 18:40 Borrans Park
  • 18:43 Borrans Road
  • 18:43 Borrans Road (A5095)

18:45 – 21st July, Bowness-on-Windermere

The steamer will pass close to the waters of Low Wood Bay Marina
  • 18:45 Waterhead Pier
  • 19:56 Bowness Pier
  • 19:56 Promenade
  • 19:57 Glebe Road

Evening Celebration

The Glebe, Bowness-on-Windermere

10:36 – 22nd July, Morecambe

The torch will visit the statue of Eric Morecambe on Morecambe Promenade, and pass The Midland Hotel.
  • 10:36 Marine Drive (A5105)
  • 10:43 Coastal Road (A5105)
  • 10:49 Marine Road East (A5105)
  • 10:53 Marine Road East (A589)
  • 10:56 Marine Road East (A5105)
  • 10:59 Marine Road East (A589)
  • 11:06 Morecambe Town Hall Access Road
  • 11:26 Marine Road East (A589)
  • 11:26 Marine Road Central (A589)
  • 11:38 Central Drive (B5321)
  • 11:47 Euston Road (B5321)
  • 11:50 Lancaster Road (B5321)
  • 12:02 Morecambe Road (A589)

12:03 – 22nd July, Lancaster

Leaving Lancaster the torch will pass Lancaster House as it travels down the A6.
  • 12:03 Morecambe Road (A589)
  • 12:29 Our Lady’s Catholic College
  • 13:32 Old Lady’s Catholic College
  • 13:34 Morecambe Road (A589)
  • 13:35 Owen Road (A6)
  • 13:38 Parliament Street (A6)
  • 13:41 North Road (A6)
  • 13:43 Rosemary Lane (A6)
  • 13:44 Great John Street (A6)
  • 13:44 Thurnham Street (A6)
  • 13:49 South Road (A6)
  • 13:52 Greaves Road (A6)
  • 13:58 Scotforth Road (A6)

The torch passing through Windermere marks the start of our ‘Great Summer of Sport‘  with the Great North Swim being hosted at Low Wood Bay this weekend.

Also taking place this weekend, the Velocity Festival will celebrate the very best sporting activities the Lancaster district has to offer. If you are staying in Lancaster and Morecambe this weekend the Velocity Festival is a ‘must see’ event.

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