Great North Swim Q&A with Low Wood Club

Open water swimming events are happening thick and fast, all over Cumbria. Not to mention the Great North Swim right on our doorstep at Low Wood Bay. Vicky Stainton, Gym Instructor at Low Wood Club will be taking part in the swim this weekend. We asked here how she has been preparing for the open water swim…

Great North Swim at Low Wood Bay

What stroke should you use?

When it comes to which stroke to use I would personally use the stroke that you feel most comfortable with, mine has been the breast stroke.

How have you been training?

“I have been training in both the lake and the Low Wood Club swimming pool, using the lake for experience and the pool for fitness and technique.”

“When entering the lake, I have found using the high steps the easier option although wading has been used on colder days!”

Do you have any wetsuit advice?

“Most events require you to wear a wetsuit. I’ve been getting to grips with my wetsuit in Lake Windermere. Personally I have gone for a full wetsuit to give maximum protection and buoyancy. The lake temperature is currently 17 degrees Celsius which will still feel cold when you have been in the water for some time. Hats are equally important the brighter the better.”

Any tips for the big day?

“I always make sure I do an appropriate warm up especially shoulder and torso area. Once in the lake I work on slow and control my breathing as this really helps me to relax and acclimatise to my surroundings.”

The Great North Swim is Europe’s biggest open water swimming event, hosted at Low Wood Bay on the shores of Windermere with around 10,000 participants each year.

How have you been preparing for the Great North Swim? Tell us in the comments below.

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