I love where I live and work

Written by Maria Walker, Reservations Manager at English Lakes Support Office who tells us what it is like travelling to the office each day in the heart of the Lake District.

The picture I see each day is different depending on the weather and time of day. I ask myself on many occasions how people can take this area for granted?

Spectacular views from the English Lakes Offices. Left: View over Low Wood Bay of the Langdale Pikes over Lake Windermere. Right: Rolling fields behind the hotel and offices.

I have been working at English Lakes Support Office situated at the rear of Low Wood Bay as Reservations Manager since 2004. The drive from my home to Low Wood Bay is tree lined with lovely views but as I reach the corner of Low Wood Bay I get a feeling of anticipation as the trees and buildings open up to the splendor of the Lake and the impressive Langdale Pikes framing this amazing expanse of water.

At the rear of the office (Staff car park) their are miles of fells scattered with sheep and woodland that is teaming with wild life, this morning before walking in the back door I took a walk up the little hill to checkout the view and could hear a rustling in the trees and came face to face with a stunning young red deer, walking back to the office with a smile on my face listening to the different sounds of the early morning bird calls I realise how inspirational this area is.

You may go the same route each day wherever it is, but your picture will always be different. I Love where I live and work.

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