The Puppy That Keeps on Giving … £30,000 raised to date!

Cute, lovable, a faithful friend and the puppy that keeps on giving! Welcome, our new look Sam!

Sam, ready to play at Low Wood Bay

Sam has graced the English Lakes bedrooms for ten years and entertained countless children during their stay at our Lake District hotels. Multi-tasking Sam wears a Do Not Disturb collar which can be placed on the bedroom door when peace and quiet are the order of the day. Originally, the real life Sam was pet and regular companion to previous Chairman and Managing Director, Michael Berry. Sporting a freshly clipped coat the ready-for-adventure Sam will continue to welcome our visiting youngsters.

Sam is happy to travel home with his new found friends and can be purchased from Reception.  All profits go directly to local children’s charities. To date Sam has contributed £30,000 to these worthy causes and it hoped that the new version of Sam will continue his predecessor’s good work.

3 thoughts on “The Puppy That Keeps on Giving … £30,000 raised to date!

  1. We at Lancaster House think Sam will be ready for his adventures in Lancashire! We have already bought him his bucket and spade for his days out at Morecambe Bay and we cant wait to take him for a walk round Williamsons Park, I am sure he will enjoy the Butterfly House and an Ice Cream treat!

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