Bownessie is not a hoax

A twenty foot Crocodile named “Snappy” may be responsible for the recent spate of “Bownessie” sightings.

The Crocodile, licenced under the Dangerous Wild Animals act 1976 to owner Tim Berry, was originally bought from a local pet shop over 20 years ago.

Tim explains, “I got him around the time we first built the Watersports centre here at Low Wood Bay. We feed him on a diet of Chicken and Fish and he just keeps getting bigger and bigger but we keep him up to date with vet visits.

We have a tracker fitted and when ever he’s out of its cage we usually have duck tape fitted round his mouth. He’s really friendly and wouldn’t hurt a child, but because of his escape record we aren’t taking any risks.”

Crocodile in Lake Windermere
With help from local wildlife experts and staff from Low Wood Bay Marina the Crocodile is allowed to swim free in Low Wood Bay twice a year.

The crocodile has, however, escaped twice in the past five years, but quickly recovered. In 2010 the Croc made it to Fellfoot at the bottom of Lake Windermere before being captured again by Tim and his nephew District Councillor Ben Berry.

Ben said,

“We’ve kept it hush hush because of the tourism benefits of ‘bownessie’ and the possible embarrassment of losing him once or twice, but due to pressure from National news outlets that found out we had Snappy and the connection between escapes and sightings, its time to come clean to the public.”

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