English Lakes Pledges to give + £1 in new charity partnership

English Lakes partners with Open Arms International

In an exciting new initiative, English Lakes Hotels has agreed to support Open Arms International in their commitment to provide relief to orphaned children and destitute families in Kenya, Africa.
In particular, we have set ourselves to raise £45,000 in order to build a home for up to 16 orphaned children. These children will be nurtured by house parents, ideally a mother and a father, along with a set of assistant house parents.  Together they will create a loving environment for the children.

Kenya is home to 2.3 million orphans, 1.2 million of these being orphaned as a result of HIV/AIDS. Many of these children, some as young as 3 or 4 years old, are living on the streets and doing everything they can simply to survive each day. The Directors and staff of English Lakes Hotels are determined to help OAI do something about it.   Open Arms Oai-picture1 International is a humanitarian organisation dedicated to raising children orphaned by AIDS, civil warfare, disease or other tragedy and to support them reach their full potential. OAI owns 52 acres of land near Eldoret, Kenya. Within the village they currently look after 28 children and 3 babies. There is a wide-reaching vision to develop 8 orphan homes, a medical and dental clinic, guest homes, a school and training academy and a restaurant.  Many of the staff have already signed up for payroll giving – I’m reliably informed that if each member of staff gave just £1 per month, with Directors matching each contribution, we would raise £10,000 towards our total. David Gallagher, Founder and CEO of Open Arms, sends his heart-felt greetings from Kenya and says, “It’s exciting to see the first children’s homes at the Open Arms Village being built, excitement that I saw in the children as I took them on a tour through their new homes just a few weeks ago. By this winter the number of children living at the Village could swell from 28 to almost 100. Because of you, and the support you give Open Arms, they now have the chance to grow and thrive with a family who loves them”.  For every £1 raised by staff, and indeed our customers and suppliers, the Directors of ELH will give +£1, matching every contribution made. To date we have raised approximately £5,000. In the coming months we will keep you informed of specific projects, but already we have staff members signing up for the Three Peaks Challenge in aid of the project, sponsored slims, a charity ball and much more … watch this space! OAI Vision is to see every stomach filled, every wound healed, every body safe, every mind educated, every emotion soothed and every spirit transformed.

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