Getting Married at Low Wood Bay – A view from the other side

As Wedding Co-ordinator at Low Wood Bay, Gemma  Lofty has organised around 100’s of weddings since 2007. In  March 2009, she took a seat on the other side as Rea Millwood, Assistant Wedding Co-ordinator took on the role of organising Nevil and Gemma’s wedding for their September wedding.

Nevil, General Manager and Gemma, Wedding & Events Manager, Low Wood Bay
Nevil, General Manager and Gemma, Wedding & Events Manager, Low Wood Bay

Both Nevil, Low Wood General Manager, and Gemma had to take on the role as the customer.

Gemma says,

“Planning weddings here at Low Wood is an enjoyable task but can sometimes get a little stressful. However, that is nothing compared with making decisions for your own big day. My brides always say how easy it must have been for me as it’s what I do for a living, but believe me, it’s not the same at all!”

As we all know, wedding preparations don’t always go to plan but the Wedding Planners at Low Wood Bay have become expert at smoothing out any slight hitches.

One recent challenge was when a wedding cake arrived with the groom figurine missing an ear. Kitchen staff very quickly created a new one and successfully attached it – you would never know the difference!

Planning a wedding for another couple is completely different to your own – you don’t realise how much more there is to do. At the Low Wood Bay hotel we book DJ’s, organise boat cruises, set menus, type place cards, but you forget about the amount of work that has come from the couple to get you to the point of being able to do those things.

For the four days leading up to a wedding the office moves into overdrive with telephone calls to confirm suppliers, checking final details and answering last minute panic calls from Bride and Groom. The office becomes a mass storage area for wedding favours, table decorations, presents and stationary. This is the bit Gemma and Rea enjoy – everything within reach to create the perfect day.

Gemma and Rea agree that all the planning and preparations are worth it when you see the smile on the couple’s faces when they exit the ceremony or arrive back from church.

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